Mushroom Antler pendant

Mushroom Antler pendant

£45.00 — Sold out

This wonderful pendant features a section of a deer antler bone from a deer antler that was found on the woodland floor .

Inside the bone is environmentally friendly resin with a tiny fly agaric lookalike.

There has been shown through folklore and anthropology to be a link between santa claus and fly agaric mushrooms! first of all the colour scheme is the same! and reindeers where often used by shaman in places like Siberia as a way to transport the dried mushrooms to local villages and spread the healing energy around mid winter solstice. Theres so many stories you can read about it online , these stories are the inspiration for this piece!

Comes supplied with an adjustable black rope.

The pendant measures 7cm long.

Mushroom Antler pendant  Image 2 Mushroom Antler pendant  Image 3 Mushroom Antler pendant  Image 4 Mushroom Antler pendant  Image 5
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