Pheasant claw amulet

Pheasant claw amulet


This cute pendant is made from hand sculpted and painted non toxic epoxy clay around a roadkill pheasant's claw. Ive made use of a vintage marble in this piece!

The Pheasant spirit animal is a messenger from the spiritual realm. It brings forth important messages that can help guide you on your life path. The pheasant is also a symbol of good luck, fertility, and abundance.

The pendant measures 10cm long

Comes supplied with a 24'' hypoallergenic stainless steel chain like in the photos.

If you prefer an adjustable black rope with it or a different sized chain please let us know at checkout.

Pheasant claw amulet Image 2 Pheasant claw amulet Image 3 Pheasant claw amulet Image 4 Pheasant claw amulet Image 5
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