Wasp and mushroom amulet

Wasp and mushroom amulet


This gorgeous totally one of a kind statement necklace is made with a piece of eco friendly resin in the shape of a crystal shard containing dried specimens ethically foraged and naturally deceased.

A wasp cascades over a shimeji mushroom surrounded by lichen and moss. At the top of the shard is a small labradorite crystal . The back of the piece is hand sculpted with tree like clay.

The pendant itself measures 7cm by 2.5cm.

The chain used in this piece is stainless steel with a carabiner clip.

The chain it comes supplied with measures 18" long.

Any further questions/ help with sizing please feel free to send me a DM on instagram or an email at [email protected]

Wasp and mushroom amulet Image 2 Wasp and mushroom amulet Image 3 Wasp and mushroom amulet Image 4
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